An Empowering and Positive Approach to Psychotherapy!

I’m Dr. Michelle Marks, and I'm a New York State Licensed Psychologist specializing in empowering motivated adults to discover and connect with what's best in them, let go of what doesn't work for them, and to use all their inner resources to take action toward the goals that mean something - so they can live fully and thrive in this challenging world!

I bring over 25 years of experience, expertise in a wide range of proven methods, and a compassionate, non-judgmental, and hopeful attitude to my work. I'm looking forward to meeting you where you are on your journey and taking the next steps with you. It can be a wild and bumpy ride, and it helps to have someone by your side!

I'm located in the Albany area, but I work with all New Yorkers! My practice is currently completely online for your convenience and safety.

While you're here, please explore my areas of interest, and if what I'm saying speaks to you, contact me to learn more or get started.

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