Welcome! I'm Michelle Marks. 

Michelle MarksI'm a New York State Licensed Psychologist and Positive Psychology Consultant, and I'm here to help you move through your challenges, feel better, and cultivate the happiness, peace of mind, and fulfillment you were born to experience.

As your partner in well-being, I'll be a fierce advocate for your goals and dreams - providing support when you need it, and challenging you when we agree the time is right. I will stand by you while you process your past and travel with you as you create your future. I'll provide a safe space when you're vulnerable, and help you connect with your motivation, discover your inner strength and wisdom, overcome obstacles, and let go of what doesn't work for you. 

If you're ready to go from just living to living fully, I look forward to meeting you where you are and taking the next steps with you. It can be a wild ride, and it helps to have someone by your side!

Click on any of the links below to learn about how I can help:

Individual Psychotherapy

I specialize in women's issues, food and body-image challenges, and self-management of stress, health, and medical conditions. I believe the connection between mind and body holds the key to healing for each of us, and as your therapist, my goal is to help you tap into that astonishing capacity so you can cope with whatever life throws at you and become the version of yourself you want to be. I will guide, support, and cheer for you as you make the changes that will give you peace of mind and the freedom from suffering you deserve!

Your Flourishing Formula™ - Positive Psychology Consulting for Women

For the past 20 years, I've been studying Positive Psychology, the science of human flourishing. It changed my life and I know it can change yours! By integrating Positive Psychology with other time-honored and cutting-edge methods, my approach balances exploring and understanding your issues and challenges with tapping into your strengths, building your resilience, and awakening your innate capacity to flourish!


Positive Psychology is the science of human flourishing, and I sure do talk about flourishing a lot, so I'd like to take a moment to tell you what I mean. Flourishing is growing toward your full potential, becoming your best and most authentic self, and experiencing happiness, peace of mind, purpose, and satisfaction. The purpose of my work is to help you eliminate the obstacles and optimize the conditions that will support your flourishing!


I have a special interest in the challenges of women in their middle years. Click here to learn why I believe Positive Psychology is such a great gift for midlife women!

Free Online Training

This 6-week video training program will help you thrive in this challenging world! You'll discover helpful breathing, mindfulness, positivity and compassion practices and strengthen your capacity for resilience and happiness.

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