I'm Dr. Michelle Marks

And I believe every woman has the inner resources to flourish, even in a world that treats us like we don't matter, and we are invisible.  I am passionate about helping women journeying through midlife unearth and cultivate those resources, so they can take center stage in their own lives, experience inner peace, and live authentically and fully!   

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Here's the fancy bio

Dr. Michelle Marks earned her doctorate in Clinical and School Psychology at Hofstra University in 1992. She completed a clinical internship in Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy at the Albert Ellis Institute under Dr. Ellis, received training in Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School with Herbert Benson, and has completed certificate courses in clinical hypnotherapy, energy psychology, biofeedback and life coaching. She has been on the faculties of Hofstra University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine; and received national recognition from the Social Security Administration for outstanding leadership and innovation in the areas of medical training, consultation, and mentoring for the New York State Division of Disability Determinations. Dr. Marks is also a Vanguard I graduate of former American Psychological Association president Martin EP Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching program and was involved in positive psychology at the inception of the field. She has been a wellness columnist, consulted with spas, and appeared as a lifestyle expert on local news stations.

Several years ago, Michelle took a sabbatical from her psychology practice to study tea, which intrigued her because of its time-honored benefits as wellness in a cup. She attended certification training through the Specialty Tea Institute, started a tea company, blended wellness teas for retail and wholesale, and experienced the profound rewards of fulfilling a childhood dream of owning her own store when she opened a gourmet tea house.

Currently, Dr. Marks is offering online consultation services and is in the process of developing some new online resources to help women thrive at midlife and beyond. In her free time, Michelle enjoys nature, travel, learning about all kinds of things, being with family and friends, savoring good food and drink, and appreciating good music.