Welcome to 6-Weeks to Psychological Fitness!

Find yourself a comfortable chair, and about 15 minutes, and leave the rest to me. I’ll help you tap into your astonishing capacity for self-knowledge, self-direction, and self-mastery.

As you practice these exercises, your neuroplastic apparatus will be working behind the scenes to change you from the inside out so you’ll cultivate the traits and attitudes that will strengthen your psychological fitness at the cellular level. To learn more about the theory behind Psychological Fitness Training, click here.

Here are a few hints on how to proceed:

This program consists of 6 weeks of daily exercises. They're designed to be practiced in order, and I highly encourage you to commit to taking the time every day for your practice. 15 minutes is just 1% of your day, and you deserve to give yourself at least that much time!

I understand that there may be times when you can’t even find a moment; it's the nature of modern-day life. If you need to skip a day occasionally, “take weekends off” or give yourself a free day here and there, that’s ok. The idea is to make this work for you. Just remember that in order to wire in the changes you’re making, you do need to commit to regular practice. That’s how your brain will set up its new circuits for you.

I also highly recommend scheduling your practice at a set time each day and consider it non-negotiable. It’s very easy for the day the get away from you without practicing even if you really planned to find the time, but if it’s an important appointment, you’ll be much more likely to follow through. And just by scheduling your practice and following through, you’ll be building focus, persistence, and willpower. Everything you do has the power to strengthen your psychological resources!

One more thing: I need to be honest with you; you're not going to be transformed overnight. That’s not how it works with any kind of fitness. But, just like the first step in running a marathon is taking a walk around the block, you will build your psychological fitness when you integrate these simple practices into your daily routine, and your life will improve in important and obvious ways, and also in small and surprising ways.

There is one change you may experience immediately, and it is profoundly important. As soon as you commit to building your psychological fitness, you have taken control of yourself and your life. That knowledge alone has been shown to increase confidence, determination, and resilience - and it feels amazing!

Important Note: This online training program is for educational purposes. It is not designed to substitute for treatment of any sort.

Let's get started. Here are your classes! Click on the photo or the link to access each week's videos.

Week 1

You’ll begin with sensible self-care and basic self-regulation exercises, focusing on restoring healthful breathing patterns and balancing your autonomic nervous system; that’s your body’s inner control center. You’ll learn to manage stress and also how to put yourself in the calm but energized state where you’re optimized for peak performance.

Week 1 lays the groundwork for profound change. Click here for your Week 1 videos. 

Week 2

This week, you’ll build on that groundwork with an introduction to functional mindfulness. I’ve adapted traditional mindfulness exercises and highlighted the proven benefits of this ancient practice in a manner that’s practical for our modern lives.

You’ll also discover a simple, strategic positivity practice to help you overcome your biological but no longer useful predisposition to negativity. Click here for this week's videos.

Week 3

This week I’ll help you unlock your capacity for mental, emotional and behavioral freedom by taking your functional mindfulness practice to the next level, where you’ll begin to work with your thoughts and emotions. 

Many people avoid coming face to face with their own minds, but this week you’ll learn how to “take yourself on”.  Click here for your videos.

Week 4

I’ll show you exercises that strengthen your capacity to be the director of your own inner experience. I’ll also be integrating some more extended teaching segments this week with our practices so you’ll get the most understanding of the work we’re doing together.

Too many people miss out on the profound benefits of these simple practices because they don’t realize their value; this week I’ll share some of the findings that compelled me to commit to these practices for life. Click here for your videos. 

Week 5

I’ll continue to combine brief lectures with functional exercises as we get into more advanced applications of mindfulness and visualization, also beginning to discuss habits, cravings, willpower and the biological importance of compassion. Click here for your videos.



Week 6

By now, you’ll be comfortable with the ways to work out for psychological fitness through sensible self-care, restorative breathing, functional mindfulness, strategic positivity and heart-strengthening compassion exercises.

I’ll conclude this program with exercises to help you put it all together. And I’ll share some ideas for maintenance and continued growth. Click here for your videos.

Follow-Up Practices

As part of this program, I have included a set of bonus maintenance practices you can use once you complete this program so the rewards will not only be sustainable – you’ll continue to grow, thrive and flourish! Click here for your maintenance videos.