When we don't flourish, we stagnate, and sometimes even wither, and our unexpressed strengths become our afflictions.

I've seen the physical and emotional toll that years and even decades of self-neglect can take on women. So many of us find ourselves depleted, overwhelmed, exhausted, carrying unfinished business from the past, running ourselves ragged, criticizing ourselves harshly, apologizing for being ourselves, and ignoring our own needs. Or we may feel small and invisible, still searching for our true identities.    

When we're young, sometimes we don't notice, but as we get older, all of this begins to take a toll - on our health and happiness, our relationships, our ability to perform at our best, our ability to enjoy our lives, and our ability to be our authentic, best selves.

I know that every woman is born with the potential to flourish and thrive, but unfortunately, many never fulfill that potential, some struggle for decades to realize it, and others never allow themselves to take priority in their lives.

And sometimes we think we have it all figured out, and then find ourselves crashing into our own glass ceilings. 

I know that deep down you want more. And I know that you fear that it may be too late. But it's never too late to flourish!

My approach is based in Positive Psychology, the new science of flourishing, but also integrates other time-honored and cutting-edge methods from behavioral science, mind/body medicine, the wisdom traditions, and even neuroscience!

In our work together, you'll get to know the woman you are right now, and choose the woman you want to be. She may be different than who you thought you would be when you "grew up", and you'll experience the adventure of self-discovery, and finally feeling authentic.

You'll identify your strengths and values, chip away at obstacles, neutralize blocks, make lifestyle changes, let go of what doesn't work for you, and you'll learn how to harness all your resources to improve your health and happiness, fulfill your potential, and live a full and meaningful life!

Whether you're a late-bloomer, second-actor, course-corrector, or simply ready to stop neglecting yourself, I would love to help you flourish - you deserve it!

And by the way, if you're under 40 or don't identify as female and would like to experience a Positive Psychology based approach to flourishing and thriving, I welcome you!

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