Stress sucks! Until you get good at it...

In my opinion, stress gets a bad rap, because it's a normal part of life. In many cases, stress can be good for you. Without stress, you can't take risks, or do the things you need to do to grow and make the most of your life.

But stress isn't always great. Some stress is beyond your control and accompanies the crises, small and large, we all experience over our life journeys. And chronic stress - when we don't know how to balance it with relaxation, when we don't have any sources of inner or outer support, and when we don't know how to harness and transform the energy it provides us - can be dangerous!

When stress is dangerous, it can be very damaging, result in physical and emotional problems, and impact our relationships and performance. Chronic stress can steal the joy from life, and leave us depleted and defeated. But mastered, stress can be energizing, inspiring, and move us toward our most meaningful goals.

Whether it's stress that you choose or stress that befalls you, recent research shows that how you think about stress is more important than the stress itself; your mindset about stress impacts whether the stress will be damaging or help you grow more resilient.

Stress Mastery

My approach is to teach you to distinguish helpful from harmful stress, so you can choose different strategies for different types of stress. You'll discover how to change your mindset about helpful stress, problem-solve to manage unnecessary stress, and use your mind/body connection to neutralize harmful stress.

If stress has been a source of distress for you, if it's had an impact on your health, your well-being, your relationships, or your ability to succeed at what's important to you, contact me to get started on designing a personalized stress mastery plan.

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