Michelle MarksWelcome! I'm Dr. Michelle Marks, and I'm here to help you learn to use the power of your mind and the wisdom of your body to transform stress, improve your health, discover peace of mind, and flourish!

30 years of professional experience have taught me that we have the capacity to heal, grow, and create positive change, even at the cellular level, and recent findings in neuroscience support that belief. My lived experience using these methods to overcome my own health and emotional challenges and experience greater well-being has made me a true believer! I'm excited to share these empowering tools and strategies with you!

Read on to discover how I can help you on your path to restored health and well-being!

Stress Relief

If stress has had an impact on your health, well-being, relationships, or your ability to succeed at what's important to you, click to learn more about my integrative approach to transforming stress and building resilience!

Pain and IBS Management

If you're struggling with IBS or other forms of chronic pain, psychology can help. That's because even though your pain is not "all in your head", evidence shows that you can use your head to help relieve your pain and suffering, and take your life back! 

Bariatric Wellness

My purpose in offering Bariatric Wellness Services is to help you experience a successful surgery and recovery. I offer pre-surgical assessment as well as pre and post-surgical support for bariatric wellness and a healthier future.

All That Stuff About Our Weight and Our Bodies and Our Worth

Whether you're looking to make lifestyle or habit changes or to make peace with your body, it's time to be freed from your food, weight, and body image struggles, and replace them with self-kindness, self-care, and sustainable wellness and well-being! My approach is mindfulness-based, weight-neutral, non-judgmental, and practical. 

Women's Stress Syndrome

I believe the challenges women face as we navigate our lives are often riffs on a common melody. We leave ourselves behind as we care for everyone else, lose our natural authenticity as we play the roles expected of us, or pursue a definition of success that leaves us unbalanced, exhausted, and ultimately unfulfilled or even unhealthy. I call all of this "Women's Stress Syndrome".

I am truly passionate about helping women who are ready to beat Women's Stress Syndrome and finally play their own tune!

Psychology for Your Life!

Psychology for YOUR Life is a new digital learning platform where I'll teach you my favorite psychological and mind-body strategies. You'll learn to manage stress and anxiety, build your "Psychological Fitness", implement effective lifestyle changes, and improve your health and happiness.

These empowering training programs put healing, growth, and flourishing in your hands!

I am also available for:

  • Media interviews for television, radio, or podcasts,
  • Custom designing and delivering keynotes, workshops, or seminars for your group or organization,
  • Delivering prewritten workshops on a topic of interest, including Empowered Relief™. Contact me for other available topics,
  • Creating customized on-demand training programs or digital products for your employees or clients,
  • Individual or group mindfulness meditation training using my "casual meditation" approach,
  • Guest blogging
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