Your Habit Design Blueprint

After my last couple of posts about designing habits, a few people contacted me to ask for advice on habit design. So, in keeping with my mission to offer you practical and helpful content, as a follow-up, I decided to create a simple blueprint you can use to design new lifestyle habits and also to change unhelpful habits. This blueprint summarizes the guidance I offered in my previous posts in the form of a simple habit design and change worksheet.

Remember, that your lifestyle is built on habits. Having the power to create habits that support the lifestyle you choose can be the key to improved health, wellness, and well-being.

Habit design can be simple, but it does take some planning, and often some troubleshooting or tweaking. This worksheet can help you plan, tweak, and track your new habits.

Download the Habit Design Blueprint here.

If you haven’t read them, or would like to review my guidance, click to read my recent posts on neuroplasticity-informed habit design and habit change.

Brain science is fascinating, and understanding the promise of neuroplasticity offers hope that change is always possible. I have plans to write more about the practical implications of brain science in the future, but for now, I’ll be shifting gears.

Coming up in June, I have a month of simplifying and demystifying mindfulness planned for you, so keep an eye out.

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