Life has been a bit much these days, and you may be struggling...

Whether you're experiencing trouble coping mentally or emotionally, or if stress is impacting your health, effectiveness, or performance, I'm here to support you in managing stress and developing strategies that work best for you.  Read on to learn more about my approach to stress management, and to get started on your path toward relief, peace of mind, and resilience!

The Problem of Chronic Stress

In my opinion, stress gets a bad rap because it's a normal part of life. Stress can even be good for us! Without stress, we can't take risks, or do the things we need to do to grow confident, resilient, and make the most of our lives. But we weren’t designed to cope with the kind of stress life dishes out these days.

Every day we deal with difficult people, face competition, and experience overwhelming demands on our time and resources. On top of that, we're constantly exposed to the problems of the modern world, so many of which are beyond our control! Each of these situations triggers our bodies’ stress response, and over time our nervous systems become overloaded, unbalanced, and locked into chronic stress.

Chronic stress impacts our health, relationships, creative and mental abilities, performance, and capacity to enjoy life. And it’s now believed that at least 75% of visits to doctor’s offices are because of problems related to chronic stress.

We know we’re supposed to manage stress but we don’t do it well. Most of us cope with stress by working harder and longer, or by trying to escape from it by zoning out or using food or substances. Neither helps. Or we try to relax like we’re supposed to, but it’s hard to unwind even when we have the chance, because we're too revved up!

How I Can Help You With Your Stress

When you contact me, our work together will begin with a multidimensional stress assessment that explores the sources of stress in your life and the unique way stress shows up for you mentally, physically, emotionally, and behaviorally. We'll look at what's already working well for you and what's not working as well. Based on that assessment, our work may involve helping you:

  • Calm your nervous system to restore healthy inner balance,
  • Overcome negative thinking and worry,
  • Develop skills to cope with upsetting emotions,
  • Problem-solve to reduce or eliminate some of your stress,
  • Learn how to use "good stress" to your advantage,
  • Build your stress resistance and resilience so you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Some of the methods I may use in our work include:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies,
  • Breathwork,
  • Mindfulness and Meditation,
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy,
  • Energy Psychology,
  • Neuroscience-Informed Approaches,
  • Positive Psychology.

Here are Some of the Benefits You May Experience from Working With Me to Manage Your Stress

  • Reduced symptoms of conditions associated with stress including high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, insomnia, asthma, PMS, hot flashes, reproductive challenges, Raynaud's, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain,
  • Less anxiety and depression,
  • A fine-tuned ability to respond quickly to changes, think clearly and creatively, handle a fast-paced, environment, and work effectively with others,
  • Restored energy, enthusiasm, vitality, and capacity for joy,
  • Access to your "peak performance zone" when you need it - useful for athletes and performers, and
  • Feeling better!

And while you may have been experiencing stress for months, years, or even decades, by using these methods, you may begin to experience relief almost immediately, with transformative benefits unfolding over time!

You Can Begin Taking Control of Stress Right Now!

Contact me today to get started on your customized stress management plan. I look forward to hearing from you!